Affordable and Amazing Bathroom Organizers You Got to Have

Every room in your apartment or house comes with its own cleaning challenges. Those who are mostly busy will likely have difficulty with light housekeeping and, in particular, ensuring a clean bathroom. The room where you clean yourself needs to be clean itself. This is the place where you wash away stress, so how can you keep your Zen when it’s full of clutter. A clean bathroom can actually affect the health and safety of people using it. Between toothbrushes, hot tools, make up, shaving stuff, toilet paper and a hundred things more it can easily become unorganized and messy. Plus, leaving things like a hot straightener or a delicate powder compact out at all times is just asking for trouble. But we found these clever items that look oh-so-pretty and most essentially, they make it easy to organize your bathroom necessities. And also important, they are cheap! We don’t want to spend our money unwisely but at the same time make our cleaning duties easier.

Towel Rack

I believe nobody in this world want to dry themselves in a smelly towel. Well, at least I hope so! You’re clean, but is your towel? This stainless steel towel rack will let them keep a distance between both, and it’ll save you major wall space. The distance between the towels will prevent the bacteria to grow and we know what happens besides getting smelly – they sabotage your skin. A towel might look clean, but can collect a ton of dirt, dust, makeup, oil and dead skin cells that you don’t even see. And that allows them to act as a breeding ground for nasty bacteria.

In fact, researchers at the University of Arizona discovered that towels are the most bacteria-infested items in our homes. That’s because towels live in damp environments and retain moisture for long periods of time, which allows bacteria to survive. Just imagine that! This rack may prevent the bacteria to grow because they make it easier to dry.

You can find it here: AMAZON Towel Rack

Bathroom Storage Rack

Blow dryer caddy? Toothbrush holder? Shelf for everything? This three-in-one organizer acts as a multi-function storage clearing your bathroom of debris. Place everything from toothbrushes, combs, hair dryer, and cosmetics so that your bathroom is tidy and organized. It easily mounts to a wall, saves space and keeps your necessities in order. It features a polished oxidized finish so you can effortlessly clean it with mild detergent and a non-abrasive cloth.

It has a modern elegant look, making your bathroom to look attractive and it will fit whatever you need readily available. It has amazing reviews on amazon so for sure this is in our shopping cart.

You can find it here: AMAZON Bathroom Storage Rack

Power Perch

This is the ultimate shelf for your home. The first time I saw this I was amazed as how in the world I just heard about this. This is a total necessity in my home. How many times either you or your man have left their electric razor in the counter just waiting to fall and break or get wet? This is so simple but yet genius. It creates bonus vertical storage for tight spaces using your existing outlet cover and requires no additional hardware to install. It holds up to 3 lbs. so can use to keep items tidy in any part of your home and holds a wide range of common household items. You can even use it as a charging shelf for all your mobile devices in your bathroom! And don’t worry; it won’t damage your wall.

You can find it here: AMAZON Power Perch

Makeup Organizer

An ever-growing cosmetic collection is the dream of most and can be cause of celebration, but it can also lead chaos on your bathroom counter. Lipstick rolling onto the floor, blush spilling into the sink, missing mascara – chaos everywhere. Keep your cosmetics organized and out of sight on the back of your medicine cabinet with this makeup organizer, it is always better to keep your makeup out of direct sunlight. These cubbies will keep all of your brushes and colors organized and even better – off of the counter. The transparent construction makes it easy for cosmetic selection; the only problem with staring into a sea of lipsticks is finding the shade you’re looking for.

Just be sure to let them set for 24 hours before putting anything in them. Bonus: Every six months or so, go through and toss out expired products and makeup you haven’t used since your last makeup cleaning.

You can find it here: AMAZON Cosmetic Organizer

Hanging Ladder

This pretty eye-catching hanging ladder is so perfect. It looks like it just came out from an interior design bloggers bathroom. The shelf can amazingly hold your skincare products and face towel, for those days when you’d rather crawl under the covers and forget about it. We all know how important it is to take your makeup off before you go to bed. Sleeping with your makeup on cannot only cause acne thanks to some seriously clogged pores, it can also break down healthy collagen.

Also, it is a stylish way to keep your face towel separate from the one you dry your body with. Residue from thick conditioners can get soaked up by the towel and then transfer to your face. And do we need to talk about certain body parts you’re drying off whose bacteria belong nowhere near your face?

You can find it here: AMAZON Hanging Ladder

Heat Resistant Wall Mounted Holder

Way to avoid accidents! Personally, I wouldn’t bear be without my hot tools. Of course, the thing that makes every pair of hair straighteners out there do their job correctly is a high amount of heat. We’re talking about an extremely high amount of heat, and that’s when we need to talk about safety. If I could show you the number of burn marks on my bathroom counter, you’d be horrified. But I’m sure this is a common problem for us that use hot tools. Or the 2nd degree burn I suffered because my sister accidentally left the hair straightener on on the counter and fell on my feet.

It’s important to think about your hot tools storage as where you place your tools whilst you’re using them, and where you place them after you’re done. Thankfully, I discovered this hot tool holder that keeps your hair straightener, curler and blow dryer all in one place letting heat quickly escape preventing burns and fires.

Bonus: Always triple check that your tools are switched off before leaving them unsupervised.

You can find it here: AMAZON Heat Resistant Holder

Bathtub Silicone Holster

A relaxing bath could be the perfect way to end a long and stressing day. You start to get ready but you soon realize it’s full with bath essentials spilling from the little counter space your bathtub has. I mean, where are you supposed to put your shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel, hair masks, razor, exfoliators, face soaps, and everything you need to make it the best bath ever? Nowadays, most people have a wide range of bath products and you probably have the essentials for the perfect bath but we still get the same little space.

This holster is perfect for your bathtub as it holds up to 20 pounds, and it clings to any smooth, non-porous surface due to grippy silicone: meaning no suction cups or adhesive to avoid that falling every five minutes while you shower. It also has tiny venting holes making it useful to hold your loofa and back washer.

You can find it here: AMAZON Silicone Holster

Toothpaste dispenser

Easy and fast. This toothpaste squeezer kit is super convenient since it’s hands-free and you’ll have toothpaste just with one touch. Also, no more toothpaste waste! It is estimated that plastic squeeze tubes can trap 10 percent of the toothpaste. The dispenser drops just the perfect amount and will pump the last drop of toothpaste in the tube. Who hasn’t wrestled to roll up a tube of toothpaste in order to get out the last drop?

You can finally say goodbye to that spills in the sink.

You can find it here: AMAZON Toothpaste Dispenser

Clear Organizer

A prettier way to store your cotton balls and swabs! Are your hygiene essentials buried in a drawer because the plastic bags and cardboard boxes they came in are so ugly and messy? Declutter with a minimalist styled organizer, it has two spacious compartments that give a classy, understated elegance to any bathroom. It’s attractive enough to live on your counter, making it readily available and making your cleansing and makeup routines easier and faster. They look like glass but it’s actually made with clear acrylic, so it’s safe from breaking.

You can find it here: AMAZON Clear Organizer



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