Cool and Pretty Storage Objects to Organize your Kitchen

When it comes to cooking dinner after a long day at work, studying, cleaning or even a tiring day with the kids, all you want at the end of the day is to be able to make dinner with ease and as fast as possible so you can do whatever pleases you. And the last thing you want to do after making dinner is clean the kitchen, who even has time for that? It’s something nobody likes to do but well; you have to unless you like to live in a filthy home but I doubt that. Whether you have a lot of countertop space in your kitchen, or just a little, keeping it neat and organized is paramount.

I am not saying that these items are going to clean the kitchen by itself but at least they will make it easier to keep it organized and faster to clean it up.

Hanging Rack

You can basically keep everything you need in the kitchen in a single place within your reach. This multifunctional aluminum kitchen rack serves as a shelf to place the condiments and spices you use the most like salt and pepper as well as oil; it also has ten hooks for hanging cook utensils, cutting boards, and a dish towel. Two cups that can be used to store knives, forks and spoons, and even cooler, it has four knife slots that can store all sizes of knifes in a safe place. The hollowing cup can keep dry inside and the special stripe design is easy to clean.

Get it on Amazon here: Multifunctional Wall Hanging Aluminum Kitchen Rack ($40)

Stackable Can Rack

This can organizer is a major game changer. It adds structure and organization to any pantry. It maximizes cabinet space as you can store up to 36 cans and has adjustable dividers so almost any size can will fit nicely. Also, it makes it easier to see what you have so no more expire cans at the back of the pantry, with this rack shopping will be even more efficient as well have less wasted food and money.

Get it on Amazon here: Stackable Can Rack Organizer ($20.87)

Refrigerator Organizer Bins

Organize your fridge or freezer with these bins that can be pulled out so you don’t have to reach in. They have built in handles that makes transportation easy. Featuring two small and two large storage bins, this set makes tidying and storing a breeze as you can organize almost anything in them.  Now, you can easily see what you have on hand when you’re prepping your shopping list. And best of all, nothing fall out of your freezer in a surprise attack. Your fridge and freezer will even feel larger.

Get them on Amazon here: Refrigerator, Freezer Storage Organizer Bins – Set of 3 ($24.99)

Door Organizer

This door organizer holder makes you organize your kitchen easily and simple, it is a great organizer for cutting boards, bakeware, cookie sheets and even plastic wrap and aluminum. It has an ultra-thin foam padded hook to fit your cabinet door and protect the cabinet from scratches. It can easily store 4 to 5 regular cutting boards, making the over-the-cabinet installation allow you to access the cutting boards and bakeware quick and have them ready when you need them. It also saves space in your cabinet as it creates storing space you wouldn’t otherwise use.

Get it on Amazon here: Over the Cabinet Door Organizer Holder ($13.97)

Dish Draining Rack

The classic sleek design fits different styles of kitchen and adds a beautiful landscape. The flat design of the bottom tier can accommodate different tableware and the curved stainless steel handles on both sides make it easy to lift and more the drainer. The best part, the 3-tier dish rack offers extra space for draining and drying after washing in an organized way.

Get it on Amazon here: 3-Tier Stainless Steel Dish Drainer Rack ($44.99)

Pull Down Spice Rack

The pull down spice rack features stadium shelving to maximize your cabinet space, it mounts to the cabinet shelving and when ready to use, it pulls down to display spice bottles at eye-level allowing easy access to your spices while giving you visibility of each one of them. It helps you keep all your spices together and it fits approximately 16 spice jars. Say goodbye to moving each one of your spices in the cabinet until you find the one you are looking for!

Get it on Amazon here:  Pull Down Spice Rack ($17.99)

Gripper Clips

Another way to organize your spice collection is with gripper clips that attach to the cabinet door. It’s an easy way to stay organized and save precious pantry space by putting unused vertical surfaces to work, if your space is extra narrow or extra wide, the clip strips can adapt and can stay out of your way while managing to always be right when you need them.  The spice gripper clip strips hold each individual spice jar so even rarely used spices are easy to find. Also, the adjustable clips strips can easily hold plastic jars of different widths, so you don’t have to worry about transferring your spices into special jars or only buy a single brand of spices.

Get it on Amazon here: Spice Gripper Clip Strips for Plastic Jars – Set of 3, Holds 12 Jars

Under Sink Shelf Organizer

How many of you have the under sink problem? It’s just so hard to keep this area organized! The under sink 2 tier expendable shelf organizer makes it a little easier to keep it organized. It has a varied configuration to allow you get stuff organized around the pipes under the sink and adjustable tier height that allow you configure two tiers at different four levels so you can fit everything you need within reach like spray cleaner bottles that make cleaning the kitchen a breeze.

Get it on Amazon here: Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer ($24.87)

Lazy Susan with Backstop

This wonderful invention belongs to every single home. The infamous Lazy Susan with an added backstop that lifts and locks to prevent bottles from falling off into dark corners is the kitchen object of our dreams. Organize oils, vinegars, jars of anything and more in the kitchen cabinet. The 11-inch diameter maximizes space to fit standard cabinets and smoothly rotates 360-degress. No mounting or installation required so when you get it, it is ready for you use.

Get it on Amazon here: Crazy Susan 11-Inch Turntable with Backstop ($14.99)

Pan Organizer

Last but not least, the amazing pan organizer. As the name says it, this invention is great for organizing pans and lids while saving cabinet or countertop space and managing pans well. The rack accommodates up to five pans with a vertical installation. Easy to just reach for them and start cooking! No more trying to lift all the pans and set them aside when you want a specific one that happens to be on the bottom.

Get it on Amazon here: Pan Organizer Rack ($16.97)

Let us know in the comments which one of all is your favorite or as always, share with us about other cool objects!

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