It all started with a need and an observation. We needed help and we were willing to help. We were students. We borrowed and lent books, notes, sports equipments, etc. We envisioned an environment where collaboration is extended. We fought for friends’ empty rooms and parking spots until we made Locker happen. Today, we get to meet new people on and off campus. People who want to help and get helped. Locker enables you to find storage and parking spaces with a click of button.

Our Community

Share, help and give

You have items you want to store, you go to a storage warehouse, you put a deposit, they give you a lock and wish you good bye, you are a customer. Locker is more than just a transaction. It’s an experience, an opportunity and a new possible friendship. It’s about safety and peace of mind with people you trust and respect. We share, help and give. We are Lockers!.