Locker’s Storage Tips and Hacks Series: Part I

Welcome to Locker’s Storage Tips and Hacks series!

Every two weeks, we’ll feature the best tips and hacks from around the web and put them in just one place for your convenience. Follow them to keep you home neat and organized!


Use over-the-door shoe hangers in an office or hall closet to store everything from mittens to small umbrellas to batteries to toner cartridges. These also work well on the back of a bathroom door for bottles of hair styling products, lotions, etc.


To keep your cotton tank tops (and camis) handy in the closet, loop the straps of each through a shower curtain ring. Then, place all the rings on a standard hanger. You’ll be able to fit a dozen tank tops in the space of one hanger, and easily see your rainbow of tank top color choices!


Say goodbye to that annoying tangles headphones! Use clothespins to keep cords, headphones, and the like together.


Use magazine holders for almost anything around the house. From sorting frozen foods in your freezer to containing cutting boards or even plastic wrap and aluminum foil.


Add a shelf above doorways to maximize storage.


Use file dividers to store cookie sheets in your kitchen or even clutches and small handbags in your closet. They make it easier to find things.


Store hot tools in a magazine holder.


Keep a cereal box container in the car and use it as a mini trash can.


Store sheets inside matching pillowcases. This way, you’ll never lose the sets and keep them organized.



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