Locker’s Storage Tips and Hacks Series: Part III

Welcome to Locker’s Storage Tips and Hacks series!

Every two weeks, we’ll feature the best tips and hacks from around the web and put them in just one place for your convenience. Follow them to keep you home neat and organized!

Create a DYI trash bag dispenser: simply use a paper towel holder.


Keep a roll of duct tape on your car. It works great as a cup holder and sticky enough to stay put.


Install hooks on the side of your dresser to hang accessories.


Get the most out of your condiments while keeping them organized with empty egg cartons.


Save room in your closet by putting pool noodles in your boots so they don’t slouch over.


Hang baskets in the bathroom to store towels.


Use a magazine holder to organize canned food.


Get a bedskirt organizer to hide clutter.


Create a magnetic spice rack on the refrigerator to save room in your cabinet. Simply get some cheap pencil holders and hot glue magnets on the back.

Photo Credit: Instructables.


Use a towel rack to hang pots and pans.

Photo Credit: The 2 Seasons.


Place plastic shower pockets in your car and hold anything you might need.

Photo Credit: The Castro Family Happynings.


Double up on hangers; just hook them together with a can tab.

Photo Credit: The Shabby Creek Cottage.


Hang jewelry on a pegboard. Eliminate tangles, dents and messy piles when each necklace and earring has an individual hook.

Photo Credit: The 36th Avenue.


Wrangle purses on shower hooks.

Photo Credit: Homemade by Carmona.


Contain plastic bags in tissue boxes.

Photo Credit: Grow Creative.


Label your junk drawer.

Photo Credit: I Heart Organizing.


Broken hanger? Cut off the ends to DIY chip clips.

Photo Credit: Craftster.


Use CD holders to neatly house Tupperware lids.

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