Locker was born in the summer of 2016 when we urgently needed a place to store our bags and sports equipment before leaving for the holidays. We literally had no option. The only money we had was barely enough to rent a storage unit for half the summer conditioned on finding a ride to the storage facility. We had just gotten out of a stressful exam period thinking that fun is about to start.

None of our friends were there until we made new ones. It was at the school cafeteria when some strangers back then, great friends today, offered to help. One of them said, I’ve been there so no worries, my roommate is leaving anyways. I have room. The guy seemed trustworthy and it turned out I am a good friend of one of his old ones.

That was the beginning. Back home we thought, what about next holiday? What about those like us needing space? That’s when we started thinking about Locker. Today we have a solution. It is a community of hosts and guests for the purpose of storage and parking.

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